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Zola’u nìprrte’! – Welcome

This is the learning Website of ‘rrtamì tìrey!
We’re glad that you came here.
This Website is also used for the postprocessing documents for the weekly lessons on the “LearnNa’vi Community” Discord. Click here for more info.

How complete is that Website?
Not at all. At least once a week there is a new lesson added.

Who’s behind this website?
This Website is created by Tekre and Tomke “Tsawlen” Müller.
Tekre is the main voicechat teacher, while Tomke is creating the documents.
You can contact us through Discord. 
Tekre: Tekre#3259
Tomke: Tomke “Tsawlen” Müller#5996

I’d like to get personal tutoring!
Perfect! Please join the “Kelutral” Discord, or get in touch with Tekre or Tomke! 🙂

Welp I found a mistake!
This can happen. We’re creating it at the moment :D. Please get in touch with us through Discord :).