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F- & T-Words

A for F-Word and T-Words

The A, together with the placeholder-noun “fì’u” (“this thing”), forms a conjunction, which allows you to add subordinate clauses before or after main clauses. These subordinate clauses can either contain just a single verb or more, basically entire sentences on their own.
Let’s first break that Futa down to look at it’s structure. Futa => Fì’ut a, so basically “The thing which is”. And again, you can see the little A pointing into the direction of the undefined noun. And the same structure is used for all possible F- and T-Words. A little list:

Fì’u a Fwa   Tsa’u a Tsawa
Fì’ul a Fula   Tsa’ul a Tsala
Fì’ut a Futa   Tsa’ut a Tsata  
Fì’uru a Fura   Tsa’ur a Tsara
Fì’uri a Furia   Tsa’uri a Tsaria  

With these word you’re able to create complex sub sentences. If you wanted to say “I like to eat” you couldn’t do it before, now you can! 🙂
You were able to say “I like the process of eating” which would translate to “Sunu oeru tìyusom”, but if you really want to say “I like to eat” you need one of these words, because it doesn’t only describe one noun but is an entire new sentence, including a new noun, verb, maybe even an adjective.
Sunu oeru fwa yom would mean “I like to eat”, or literally “I like this thing which is to eat”. Broken down it is “Sunu oeru fì’u a yom”. Same thing for all these Word.
Some examples:

Omum oel futa ngar sunu fìmauti


I know the thing which is: you like this fruit 

I know you like that fruit

Fula nga rol steyki oet


The thing which is, you sing, annoys me

That you sing annoys me

You can also put that sub sentence in front of the fì’u, but then the futa wouldn’t work, because the a points in the wrong direction, so you’ve got to use the “normal version” the “a fì’u” Version.

ngar sunu fìmauti a fì’ut omum oel


I know the thing which is: you like this fruit

I know you like that fruit



Exercise 1: Please translate the following sentences:
  1. I know that this hunter is good
  2. You think that you know that I know
  3. Oel fpìl futa na’rìng lor lu
  4. Fula oel ke omum tsat oet srätx